Monday, June 15, 2015


The gentleman who sent this post is an old adman friend. He was one of the first AfrAmerican admen recruited into the big-time advertising agency business. He then turned right around and helped get other "brothas and sistahs" (like moi) in.

He had tried to post this weeks ago but the old Google Glitches got him. I guess we have no real right to complain, given the great service that this technology gives us, but sometimes it can get on our last nerve. Lucky for me...and of my readers, FD - and all successful, sane AfrAms - subscribes to my dictum "Patience is a virtue. Perserveremce is a skill".


Thank you for the opportunity to vent my total dissatisfaction with President Obama.  You Art Direction is terrific! And I like your premise.
I have never viewed him as much more than a “Chicago Politician,” and he has proven me correct. He allowed himself to be “played” by the Repubs/TeaPartiers time and again; knowing full-well they would not work with him for the good of the country. ANY fool could see that! Hell! A Black man was sleeping in the White House. He was Commander-in-Chief; Crap! He was the face of America. How could such an educated man NOT grasp the monumental, seismic quake that his election represented to White America still bound up in White Supremacy. He quaked in his boots if Right Wing Conservatives hollered “foul” if he identified with African-Americans. Who the hell was he to identify with? He proclaimed himself Black.

I considered him a lost cause regarding Pardons. Less than any, any previous POTUS. Young Brothers serving 10-20, 30yrs for an ounce of weed; or less. He could have decriminalized Pot and stopped (certainly slowed down) the pipeline to prison industrial complex. He nor Holder would do that. POX on both of them.

He picked the wrong (corrupt) advisors and Cabinet members. Let the HUD guy dictated policy and hundreds of thousands of Black folk lost homes, savings – everything due to corrupt Banks, Mortgage companies; just sucked the wealth out of African-American lives. Despicable behavior on Obama’s part.

He should have used HIS (the) “Bully Pulpit to rail against the practice of using Credit Reports to determined employment opportunities; knowing for a fact that African-Americans have ALWAYS been in the low-end of positive credit reports; “Last hired, First fired.”

Executive Orders (Actions) from Obama supporting LGBT, Women (White), Latino constituencies; I can’t recall anything aimed at helping African-Americans voters; voters by the way who were blinded by the politics of “color;” as much as his qualifications. YES! He was more qualified than McCain and Romney, no doubt about it. But history had to be writ large; and I joined in the rush to make it so.  I would do so again, but I would be squarely in the Tavis Smiley camp – ragging on Obama every step of this Presidency urging him to live up to his Black self; his self-identified face-to-the world.

Speaking of the world: I am happy he was defeated in the Trade deal to date: He stated, “yes, low skilled workers would see even further drops in decent paying jobs as a result of his/this trade deal: TPP. Guess who are the “low skilled workers” bound to be dumped on: African-Americans.  Another point: Republicans keep pushing for smaller Government;  Obama is complying and as a result the brunt of the cutbacks are crippling employment of Black folk in the middle class federal jobs. In my mind, Pres. Obama has drank the juice of the Dark Side and embraced Big Pharma, Wall Street, the MB Club (Millionaires and Billionaires); Corporate America and the rush to curry favor after leaving office. 

Obama – friend of Black America?  About as much as Bill Clinton was, and he sold African-Americans down the river as part of a deal with the Republicans.

Last by not least, Black youth protesting Freddie Gray’s death were “thugs” in Obama’s eyes; no one died other than Mr. Gray. But nary a word on the Waco Texas massacre of 9 people with the Bikers (real life thugs). 

I’m hogging space. But, if I am wrong on any of my comments. Correct me and talk me down.  My disillusion has been duly noted.

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