Wednesday, May 13, 2015

OK, it's been over five and a half years since i wrote my Huffington Post piece, "Barack Obama. The Token President?"

I think I've given the FBP (First Black President) enough time to answer my question. Don't you? So right here for the final roughly 18 months of his presidency I'm going to try to engage you in a dialog about the FBP's potential legacy - especially in the one area he's been so silent about...R-A-C-E.

My drawing above states my position pretty well - I think. But what do you think? Or do you think - like many folks I've shown it to - it's unclear, unfair, unnecessarily provocative, disrespectful, downright dangerous or what?

I await your replies with great anticipation...and a little trepidation.

Btw: I originally sent this "cartoon" to the New York Times (where at least 1,500 of my comments have been posted online) and the New Yorker (which used to post my stuff unedited before they stopped posting comments altogether). I'm still waiting for their reply.